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Friday, May 11, 2012

The Pop-Up Generation

Triggered by wednesday’s lecture ‘Beeldgrammatica’, The Grammar of Images at the Arnhem Mode Incubator by photographer Louise te Poele, who translated the Bliss seminar of trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort into images. I dove into my own archives for never shared pics of the exhibition The Pop-Up Generation at the Museum Of The Image (MOTI) in Breda, curated by Edelkoort.

Edelkoort shared her vision on the new (pop-up) generation of image builders. Showing that today’s boundaries of dimensions are fading. What is 2D and what 3D? What is flat, if you can fold and make it pop-up? The selection was pure eye candy. Take Wandering Territory by Anna Garforth for instance; a 3D image of polar bear printed on thin, flat cardboard, folded and put together again as a 3D model.

Or the giant mushroom created by Anthony Kleinepier just to push the imagination beyond what furniture and carpeting are usually used for. The same goes for the carpet hippo by Rodrigo Solorzano. And Issey Miyake's collection pieces created by using a mathematical algorithm, for which he won this years Design of the Year in the category Fashion Design.

Vimeo and Book
You can no longer visit the exhibition, unfortunately. But there’s still a vimeo channel on line with a series of miniature documentaries showing the work that went into the artworks and the coming about of The Pop-Up Generation. And the book The Pop-Up Generation, Design Between Dimensions is just out as well.

Lisa Telussa

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