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"grapic design"
Thursday, January 27, 2011

BL-ij: Paper Gifts

Bibi de Lang is an independent graphic designer with her own label BL-ij (‘happy’ in English).
BL-ij designs postcards, stationary, wrapping paper and more tasteful paper goods. The products are made with love for nostalgia, but have a contemporary look and feel. A traditional, folkloric image is always the base of every design, reduced to a simple outline combined with pastel colors and patterns. It makes them a gift to give and to receive. Creating happy BL-ij moments for everyone!

In 2010 Bibi started a  studio & paper shop-in-one where she created a whole BL-ij world filled with paper products that inspires her. Besides her own work, the paper store has the ultimate paper goodies from all over the world. From Japanese masking tape and stationery to notebooks from the Norwegian label Darling Clementine and much more. Every two to three months Bibi invites young designers to style and decorate the shop windows with their work, just as long as the work is made from paper. And if you would like a BL-ij postcard customized for a wedding or a baby card you can have that done in the studio.

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