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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dress the Part & Eye wear made Famous

How brilliant are these posters? They are designed by graphic design studio Moxy Creative House. Their website is under construction so there’s not much more to share about them, but luckily they posted some previous work like the poster series Dress the Part and Eye wear made Famous. One is a collection of 10 movie posters inspired by men’s style. The designs are so simple and yet brilliant, because who doesn’t recognize the limping feet of Kevin Spacy in the Usual Suspects poster? Or the geeky glasses of Clark Kent laid away in hurry so he can uncover his true identity of Superman.

In the other series Eye wear made Famous the man also takes the lead, or better said their eye wear. Once again it doesn’t take long to figure out who’s who. And lets face it, there is only one man who gets away with wearing ‘Shutter-shades’ and that’s (Kan)Ye!

Lisa Telussa

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