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"collectie arnhem product"
Saturday, April 7, 2012


This years theme of Collectie Arnhem Product encourages you to accept, even embrace the bad weather the world seems to be stuck in. You never know where it might bring you, so it’s better to re-channel energy in turning a bad situation into something more…enjoyable. Say goodbye to perfection and welcome a childlike simplicity, relight that proactive fire within you and shine because of your uniqueness. It’s an optimistic message underlined by upbeat colors in playful designs. I’ve made a selection of my favorite ones, almost everything, but the one that really stands out for me is the Rain Cape. An item that normally only has to tic the ‘functional’ box, not so for the design students. Why would you want to disappear in a black, blue, green or red tent-like gown, in an already blurred world due to lashing rain? They have turned that scenario into a happy, more fashionable moment, by designing a tailored, baby blue with yellow piping rain cape. Wearing that just might make me enjoy bad weather.

Lisa Telussa

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Collectie Arnhem Product. We invite Nature

Collectie Arnhem Product is a project carried out by the third-year students Product Design of ArtEZ (Institute of the Arts in Arnhem, Holland) in which they, as a class, have to design, prdoduce, present and sell a theme based, cohesive collection of products. Collectie Arnhem was originally set up in 1999 for the Fashion Design students by fashion designer and alumnus Alexander van Slobbe. But after the annual success ten years in row, it finally got introduced in the Product Design discipline as well (hence the addition of Product in the title).

Every year the students decide on the theme and this year it’s We invite Nature, redefining the meaning of garden and living outside. The collection represents the inventive and creative forces of nature and the desire of the student-designers to take place within those processes. They have playfully interacted with nature by seducing and leading her. It was their intention to start a dialogue, not to force a monologue upon nature. And in my opinion they have succeeded rather well. Here are a few of my favorite designs. The complete Collectie Arnhem Product is for sale at Fashion & Design store Arnhem Coming Soon.

Lisa Telussa

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