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"arnhem coming soon"
Saturday, April 9, 2011

Collectie Arnhem Product. We invite Nature

Collectie Arnhem Product is a project carried out by the third-year students Product Design of ArtEZ (Institute of the Arts in Arnhem, Holland) in which they, as a class, have to design, prdoduce, present and sell a theme based, cohesive collection of products. Collectie Arnhem was originally set up in 1999 for the Fashion Design students by fashion designer and alumnus Alexander van Slobbe. But after the annual success ten years in row, it finally got introduced in the Product Design discipline as well (hence the addition of Product in the title).

Every year the students decide on the theme and this year it’s We invite Nature, redefining the meaning of garden and living outside. The collection represents the inventive and creative forces of nature and the desire of the student-designers to take place within those processes. They have playfully interacted with nature by seducing and leading her. It was their intention to start a dialogue, not to force a monologue upon nature. And in my opinion they have succeeded rather well. Here are a few of my favorite designs. The complete Collectie Arnhem Product is for sale at Fashion & Design store Arnhem Coming Soon.

Lisa Telussa

Friday, February 18, 2011

Constructive Ornaments

Constructive Ornaments is the graduation collection by Judith van den Berg. These beautiful shoes are now displayed at Fashion & Design Store Arnhem Coming Soon. There is beauty in construction and why not show it? Van den Berg is keen on making this visible by literally showing details of the  inside on the outside. Such a detail on its own can create and has created more designs. The five pieces of the collection show a pleasant contradiction between volume and elegancy. That the shoes are all handmade is a huge added value. I’m curious how this designer and her work will develop, definitely one to follow. Click here to visit her website.

Material: black leather, wax cord.
Photography: Robert Stienezen

Lisa Telussa

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Arnhem Coming Soon: Fashion and Design store

Arnhem Coming Soon exterior 

Arnhem Coming Soon interior

Arnhem Coming Soon interior
Arnhem Coming Soon is a fashion&design store specialized in Dutch design. The store is an initiative of ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Arnhem. This academy is widely known for earlier fashion design  graduates like Alexander van Slobbe, Lucas Ossendrijver (Lanvin) and Viktor & Rolf. But also product designers as Marcel Wanders, Ineke Hans and Arnout Visser. With the Arnhem Coming Soon store a bridge is created between the education the academy offers and the world of commerce. Students exhibit their work here to expose it to a broader public and get feedback from staff and clients. Arnhem Coming Soon has a wide range of handpicked  work from up-coming and established designers. The stream of potential talents keeps flowing and designers keep on innovating. So there is always another designer or design coming soon.

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(photography by Sharon Jewison)

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